I am Ywe Cærlyn.

This website is based on my own personal research of Izlam. It correlates much with the “Kuran Alone” camp of Izlam.

Truth is what made me a muzlim. qLaHacc name means that I, symbolized by a q, am with The Truth, which is also one of the names of The Deity. Which several religions have in common. Here also with a La prefix, meaning “The”, in general, for transliterated arabic words. And that is how close one gets to the arabic dynamics in latin alphabet, which I think is an optimal expression of religion, used where the arabic would use “Al”. La Hacc, c as a K sound. A multicultural research fusion.

I also use L Ilah, for a latinized contracted form of the arabic deity.

Please read my posts for more.

I can be contacted at Yca 567 qLaHacc.net