The Deity of Adam/Manu

The Deity of Adam, was a triangular symbol with dot inside, pronounced “Dyeus”. The Deity is probably a modern version for latin alphabet. That still resounds the same, and that Adam ate of the forbidden tree. Zeus and teo more regressed versions of this word. Monotheism may better be called single-deism, since teo seems to be related to christian regressions with a second tree.

Adam may also have been know as Manu, as in Hinduism, and some other philosophies. Where Manava, means children of Man, or mankind. All probably branches of this word.

The christian phrase “Son of Man”, really meaning this aswell.

The Dispilio Tablet, contains the worlds first written religion. And probably uses symbols for words, such as the Dyeus-symbol. While later one started to type out the sounds, such as in latin alphabet. Which works very well for a digital world, with a keyboard, as one needs just a certain number of keys.