Hinduism, Indra, Tor, Odin, activists

Hinduism may have been founded according to this idolaterous image of “Indra” It seems to hint at “They took the pantheism alone of Tengri, and founded Hinduism”. Knowing this names one can see this. Tengri again may be based on Göbekli Tepe.
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Tengri also has a norwegian variant called Tor, and really Odin (unknown origin). While Odin differs in name, and seems non-pantheistic, Tengri is often considered pantheistic. While without the false pantheism, they all really tell the practicant to lie in a similar way, if you follow it.

The tartaria-item from ~5300BC, came sometime after Adam Deity ~5200BC, and seems to try and cover over it, the idol works like what later became Tor and Tengri. And later probably also Odin.

And it may be “Wadd” in the Kuran.

While most have abandoned Tor, and society has grown beyond it, some are still with it. In Turkey, it´s still used in turkish christianity.

And Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen, a norwegian politican of the political party Alliansen (The Alliance) openly says he is with Odin, and talks of a vedic cultural inheritance, probably beccause its pantheism was off Tengri, which Tor is a norwegian version of. And that he rather wants this than Christianity, Islam and monotheism. And that “muzlims” should live elsewhere. He seems to think it is ethnic.

His icon seems to be a variation on the nazi sun-idol swastika, and he is thought to be connected to neo-nazism. The swastika again connected to Hinduism.
And for nazis about “the aryan race”. Which really is a version of European, and probably a distorted version of Adamic lineage, humans.

Ignoring tough that monotheism was what started society, and that developed principles are based on. And it´s not ethnicity based.

Another norwegian, Tore Tvedt, runs a site called Vigrid. Their symbol sems inspired by christanity. “For norwegian youth”. He has also stated he is with Odin, “the one”, but it is not really monotheism. He used pseudoreligious phrases, inspired by christianity, and has also posed with a hammer in his hand, indicating the mythological hammer of Tor. He has strong anti-semitic attitudes, and is said to be a neo-nazi. His symbol also seems to hint at vedic.

Another site, SIAN, meaning Stop The Izlamization of Norway, also has an icon of a wolf, that seems to be about being with Tor. Some leaders there have been burning Kurans, as some other similar actors also have done in other countries, provoking large parts of the world, for fame, SIAN claiming it is their right as a norwegian, with lawbased freedom of expression. One of their videos on Rumble, contains the current leader, who also talks about how muzlims are rapists, and how Marxists in school and goverment allow this “Izlam”.

Again, I doubt Tor is about developed princples at all. So they are against themselves, as The Kuran states about disbelievers/polytheists.

All of them seem to think Tor, and Odin, is Norwegian, while idolatry is of Shaytan, in monotheism.

And real religious prinicples are universal, rather than national.